Therapy is at a pace and at a level of your own understanding.

How We Work


Our counselling services are available for adults and young people from the ages of 7-years and upwards. Private counselling requires an initial 30-minute free assessment. Referrals from Derbyshire County Council schools require a referral form from the school.

We work with various Employee Assistant programs; if you would like us to work with you please contact us through the contact form.

We work from an integrated approach, which takes, the most effective elements of several counselling approaches i.e. CBT, Transactional Analysis, Adler, Gestalt, Freud, Becks etc; with your assistance the therapist will work with you to help your reach your goal.







As with all effective communication, it is a two-way process where both listener and talker interact with each other; you won’t be doing all this alone; your therapist will be with you throughout each session.

People can at times hold rational and irrational beliefs; irrational beliefs are the ones that are self-defeating.

These are the thoughts that we punish ourselves with, we allocate blame and we hold on to these irrational thoughts with a vengeance. These thoughts are usually the ones that we destroy us and others. Therapists can help you explore your thoughts and feelings, make sense of your world ensuring you develop the strategies you need to help you create a confident new you and a new strong assertive personal world. The length of your therapy will depend on your consultation with the therapist on your 1st session; you and your therapist will discuss this.

We offer a FREE 30-minute session so together we can match you to a counsellor that is the best fit for you.


How long are the sessions?

The sessions depend on the nature of the counselling.

  • 121 counselling will be 50 minutes
  • Couple counselling will be 60 minutes
How much are the sessions?
  • 121 £50
  • Couples £80
  • Concession rates for unemployed, students and Older Adults
What times are available for talking therapy/Counselling?

Times would be arranged between you and your therapist.

We have day and evening sessions available.

Is the talking therapy/counselling confidential?

Yes, the counselling is confidential unless you tell us that you are going to hurt yourself or someone else then we would have to discuss this with our Supervisor/Manager.

What issues do you deal with?

We have 20 Years’ experience within talking therapy, lecturing and training in Counselling and Health Psychology. We develop courses for Personal development and counselling.

It would be best to contact us to discuss what you would like help with.

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