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Choose the simplest, easiest journey in life 

Thank you so much for all your help and support you have given me throughout the last few months.  You have been there for me when I felt lonely or sad or when I have just needed a shoulder to cry on.  You have helped me understand other people’s feelings and you know it has been hard for me ever since I lost my little sister.  You have supported my every decision and made me realise the best choices with your inspirational words.  I cannot physically thank you enough for all you have done for me.  Telling me you are proud of me and being able to look forward to something during the week, our visit.  You are a warm-hearted, kind woman and I hope you keep helping people.  Thanks again.



Our aim is to help as many people as possible to chose the simplest, easiest journey within their life; making their life an enriched adventure, whether that is personal or professional. We aim to do this with great respect of each individual, empathic to their thoughts and feelings and an understanding that we all choose our own paths and sometimes just need a helping hand along the way.

We would like to help you choose the road for you.  It’s your journey!

Wendy changed my life and I am going on to learn how to help others help themselves. Do not be your own worst enemy! Xxxx


Wendy’s support and belief in me helped me achieve my dream of becoming an author.  She helped me understand my limiting beliefs and grow in confidence. She was able to see past the excuses I put forward to the heart of why I felt unworthy.  Because of her support and commitment, have written four children’s stories and created a website  Thank you Wendy.



We value all our clients.  Our therapists are highly trained Counsellors and Psychotherapists registered to a registered awarding bodies (BACP).  We believe in putting the individual first.  

Therapy will be at your pace and level of understanding.  We work within the integrated approach, this means that the therapist takes the most effective elements of counselling i.e CBT, Transactional Analysis, Alder, Gestalt, Freud, Becks etc. With your assistance, the therapist will work with you with these approaches to help you help yourself to reach your goal.


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29th May - 15th July

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